Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


The parties involved within this agreement are as follows:

1. Tracy Transport Services
The company providing delivery/courier services. May also be referred to as the “courier” or the “company” or “TTS” in abbreviated form.

2. Customer
The person, firm, company, or individual(s) representing a firm or company, that is receiving services provided by TTS.

All services provided by TTS are subject to the terms and conditions stated in this agreement. TTS reserves the right to update and/or amend the terms and conditions from time to time without notice. It is the responsibility of the customer to stay up to date with this agreement. TTS  shall use its resources to the fullest extent to deliver the goods to the specified addresses on or around the specified time as requested by the customer. All deliveries are subject to, but are not limited only by, the restrictions and conditions contained within this agreement.

Rates & Quotes
TTS  determines rates and quotes for deliveries. Rates are determined based upon distance of pickup and delivery locations. TTS reserves the right to update and/or amend the rates from time to time with 30 day notice. It is the responsibility of the customer to stay up to date with current delivery rates.

Lost or Damaged Goods
TTS will not be held financially liable for any loss of or damage to goods being transported. TTS may provide compensation for lost or damaged goods but does not make any guarantees.

Delivery Time Guarantees
TTS  may guarantee certain deliveries to be completed on or around specified times, or with in specific time periods. In such a case, TTS only guarantees deliveries to the best of its ability and will not be held financially responsible for consequences resulting from any delayed deliveries due to unavoidable circumstances, including but not limited to delays caused by weather, traffic, and accidents.

Restricted Goods
TTS  shall not transport any items that are prohibited by law. Furthermore, TTS shall not transport alcoholic beverages, edible products, or items that are dangerous in any form. TTS reserves the right to inspect goods, and determine whether any item is restricted and in such a case the right to deny service, regardless of previously established contracts.

Re-attempt Pickups/Deliveries
In the event a pickup or deliver is not possible, a 50% re-attempt charge will be applied to the order.

Third Party Services
In order to meet the customer’s delivery needs, TTS  may deem is necessary to render the services of third party couriers, air carriers, and transporters. In such a case, the charges occurring from utilizing third parties in order to meet the customer’s delivery needs will be included in the order. TTS will not be held responsible for any damages and delays occurring from third parties.

Proof of Deliver (POD)
Completion of a delivery may be verified by calling the courier or by checking online within the customer’s account. The customer may also request a copy of the signature made at pick and/or delivery locations. Providing signature confirmation for a pickup or delivery to the customer is not a guarantee. In the event the courier is/was unable to attain a signature at pickup and/or delivery, TTS may provide verbal confirmation only.

The customer may pay for the courier services rendered at the time of placing orders or the customer may request a monthly invoice billed to him or her. It is the responsibility of the customer to make all payments on or before the due dates specified on the invoice. In the event a customer does not make payment, TTS reserves the right to charge late payment fees, deny services thereof, cancel the customers account, and take legal action. The customer may pay for the services rendered by making checks payable to “TTS .” In the event a check is returned, a returned check fee will be charged. TTS also reserves the right to request prepayment of all future orders thereof or deny service completely.